Kreative 8 Solutions is a web design & digital marketing agency founded by Rommel Pendre with over years of experience delivering Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Webmaster/Website Maintenance, and Outsourcing.. Outfitted with very talented software engineers, savvy web designers and developers, imaginative visual creators, and trustworthy deals and marketing professionals, we deliver quality, reliable, and affordable services that excellently meet the needs of our clients.

We provide businesses smart and innovative web solutions and graphic design services that keep them up to date with the latest trends, enable them to have wider reach, and empower them to deliver smart solutions to their clients. We help businesses maximize the use of digital marketing and social media marketing to achieve actual results. And we do all these at competitive prices and quick turnaround time.

In this innovatively propelled world, Kreative 8 Solutions always seeks to serve you better and better. We commit to be highly competent and relevant to serve our clients’ requirement for high quality standards. Our pool of talent from different disciplines and expertise always make sure that we meet your expectations and even go beyond it.

Whether you’re a big company or a budding entrepreneur, Kreative 8 Solutions is committed to be your partner in relevance and growth.

Slide Our mission is to work alongside businesses across the world to help them structure, expand, and grow through our dynamic web solutions and dedicated team who gets the job done on time and beyond expectations. Our vision is to be the leading Web Development and Business Solutions company in the Philippines and the world, and to be the #1 Filipino Virtual Assistants provider that produces impact with the confidence in their talent, competence, and professionalism. We excellently serve our clients with:
- Serious attention and responsibility
- Innovativeness and creativity
- Determination and passion
- Commitment and dedication
- Continuous learning and growth
- Up-to-date technology and knowledge that we gladly share with our clients